AcyOrt uses swig as the default template engine

You can customize the template engine by registering renderer

Template structure

Template usually have the following file structure

├─ layout
├─ i18n
└─ source


Template file, file suffix is .html


Language file. YAML configuration files


Put the website resource files (such as CSS, JavaScript) here

Template introduction

Templates can be placed directly in the templates directory, or using the npm package. AcyOrt will use the template in the current templates directory by default. If not found, it will look for the npm package

npm template development

The template must be placed under templates in the directory, and the npm entry should specify the template name

npm template directory structure

├─ package.json # npm config
├─ index.js # main entry
└─ templates 
    └─ ccc45 # template
// package.json
  "name": "npmTemplate",
  "version": "0.1.0",
  "main": "index.js"
// entry: index.js
module.exports.template = 'ccc45' // if no set `template` value, `template` will use npm package name