config.yml contains following parts


Setting Description
title website title
description website description
language language of website, theme support is needed. default en
timezone website timezone. use machine setting by default. example values: America/New_Yourk, Japan, UTC
menu navigation menus of website. default is null
theme theme of website. default is ccc45


Setting Description Default
url URL of blog. format like http://<domain>/<path> or https://<domain>


Setting Description Default
public_dir where static site files located /
tag_dir tag pages directory, subdirectory in public dir tags
category_dir category pages directory, subdirectory in public dir categories
post_dir posts pages directory, subdirectory in public dir posts


Setting Description
user GitHub username
repository GitHub repository name. website contents comes from this repository issues
token Github access token read-token in here. In order to prevent the token from removed by github, you should add a # inside it, for example the original token abcdedf should be replaced with a#bcdef.
authors Github usernames, users whose issues can be generated to post.


Setting Description
scripts script file names. the scripts should be placed in scripts folder
plugins npm modules.


Setting Description Default
per_page post count per page. set 0 to disable it 10
default_category default category name uncategorized
line_numbers whether showing line numbers in code block true
order post ordering, order posts by issues create_time(created) or update_time(updated) created
cache whether caching GitHub issues data, just for development false