This function is used to generate HTML file quickly and synchronously by specify template and data

  template: 'doc', // specify which template used, must be in the `layout` directory of `template`
  path: 'doc/index.html', // specify the output directory, which is the base directory of  website
  data: { title: 'acyort' }, // specify template data
  engine: 'swig', // optional, defaults `swig`, if you set another renderer, you must register it firstly

custom helper function context

Base on above example, when you register the helper function in the plugin, the function context this can access the specified template data

acyort.helper.register('_test', function () {
  console.log(this) // output { title: 'acyort' }

specify rendering engine

If you want to use another template engine, like ejs, must register it in renderer firstly

const ejs = require('ejs')

acyort.renderer.register('ejs', {
  render: ejs.render,
  renderFile: (file, data) => {
    const text = fs.readFileSync(file).toString()
    return ejs.render(text, data)