AcyOrt provides some APIs for plugins to use. In plugins, you can get these APIs via the function variable acyort

// plugins
module.exports = (acyort) => {
  console.log(acyort) // list the APIs

However, when you use AcyOrt as a module, you can access the following APIs directly

File Operations

You can use fs-extra

const { fs } = acyort
const { copySync, removeSync } = fs


Get AcyOrt version

const { version } = acyort


Get the configuration information from config.yml, and get some extra path information, etc

const { config } = acyort
  url: '',
  template: 'ccc45',
  scripts: [ 'script.js' ],
  plugins: [],
  public: '/',
  timezone: 'Asia/Shanghai',
  language: 'en',
  root: '/',
  base: '/Users/am0200/Documents/github/acyort/assets' 


Display information, use logger

const { logger } = acyort'info')


Built-in support for swig, markdown, yaml renderer engines, supports custom renderers, check renderer

const { renderer } = acyort
renderer.render('swig', { title: 'swig' })
renderer.renderFile('swig', 'html path', { title: 'swig' })

Command-line interface

For customize CLI commands, check cli

const { cli } = acyort


Use for data sharing, check store

const { store } = acyort


You can freely control the entire running process, check wordflow

const { workflow } = acyort


Built-in multi-language, time and path functions, can be easily used in templates, and you can customize helper functions for template using

const { helper } = acyort

Output HTML

Built-in function for quickly generating HTML files based on template and data, check output

const { outputHTML } = acyort


This function is used to copy source files to the website root directory

const { copySource } = acyort
copySource() // copy static files synchronously

Process register

This function is use to executes the running process, and can only be accessed from the action function context in the command line registration, check process

acyort.cli.register('options', {
  name: '--process',
  alias: '-p',
  description: 'processing',
  action(argv) {
    const { process } = this